5 tips to improve mobile battery life

5 tips to improve mobile battery life

Mobile phones have become an essential component of our daily lives in today’s fast-paced society. Mobile devices have evolved as a result of technological advancements, becoming more potent and feature-rich. However, a typical issue for most smartphone users is that increasing power also means a reduced battery life. In this post, we’ll provide you five suggestions for extending the battery life of your smartphone.

1. Adjust screen brightness and timeout settings

The brightness of your screen is one of the main causes of rapid battery loss. A brighter setting will cause your battery to discharge more quickly. The screen brightness must be adjusted in accordance with your surroundings. Set the brightness to the least amount feasible if you’re inside. Additionally, reducing the screen timeout settings can assist preserve battery life.

2. Turn off unused features

Although smartphones have many features, not all of them are always necessary. Even when not in use, features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and NFC can deplete your battery. It is crucial to disable these features while not in use.

3. Uninstall unused apps

Your mobile device has a number of installed programmes that drain battery life in the background, even when you aren’t using them. Therefore, it’s imperative to remove any programmes you aren’t using anymore. Your battery life will increase as a result, and your device’s storage space will also increase.

4. Use battery saver mode

Most smartphones have a battery saver option that might help you get more use out of your battery. Your device’s battery saver mode modifies a number of settings, including the screen brightness, vibration, and background data consumption.

5. Avoid extreme temperatures

The battery life of your mobile phone might be impacted by extreme temperatures. Low temperatures can hasten battery drain, whereas high temperatures can hasten battery degradation. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your device away from high temperatures.


How often should I charge my phone?

When the battery level on your phone falls to about 20%, it’s advisable to plug it in to charge. Avoid charging your phone to 100 percent because doing so over time can harm the battery.

Can I leave my phone charging overnight?

The battery on your phone can gradually degrade if you leave it charging over night.

How can I check which apps are consuming the most battery?

The majority of smartphones offer a settings section for battery usage that lists the apps that use the most power.

Is it safe to use third-party battery saver apps?

Utilising third-party battery-saving apps requires caution because some of them could damage your smartphone. Utilising the battery-saving option offered by the maker of your device is recommended.


These five suggestions can help extend the battery life of your mobile device. Your device’s battery life can be increased by adjusting the screen brightness and timeout settings, turning off inactive features, deleting unused apps, activating battery saver mode, and avoiding harsh temperatures.

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